Nathaniel Hendrix
Nathaniel Hendrix

I’m a researcher and data scientist with the American Board of Family Medicine and their Center for Professionalism and Value in Health Care.

My research focuses on natural language processing with clinical notes, epidemiology, and artificial intelligence for decision support.

Here are some questions that motivate me:


October 31, 2023: At NAPCRG 2023, I presented a workshop on NLP for clinical researchers. The presentation also includes a linked Google Colab notebook with sample code!
August 7, 2023: Preprint posted of work with NCATS on how prior COVID-19 affects infection severity: Influence of Prior SARS-CoV-2 Infection on COVID-19 Severity: Evidence from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative
June 14, 2023: A policy brief I led titled How Do Family Physicians Document Patients’ Social Needs in Electronic Health Records? has been published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.
April 7, 2023: NASEM has posted a video of a talk I gave on AI in medical education.
March 23, 2023: Journal of General Internal Medicine has published a paper I led titled Variation in Family Physicians’ Experiences Across Different Electronic Health Record Platforms: a Descriptive Study.