My work featured on PATH's DefeatDD blog

16 Sep 2017 -

PATH has posted a really great write up of a paper I recently published with several colleagues from around the world on the household cost of childhood diarrheal disease in Malawi.

This was a fascinating paper to work on, as we had family-level data that had been collected in interviews both at the time of presentation to the two clinics in the study and six weeks afterwards. This data allowed us to monitor exactly how much usual economic activities in the family had been interrupted by the child’s disease. What surprised me is that even families in the top quintile of our sample were brought temporarily below the poverty line by their child’s illness.

Malawi has implemented the rotavirus vaccine in their expanded program on immunization, and that prevents much of the most serious disease. I wish we had been able to capture the improvement to family’s financial wellbeing that this vaccine’s introducted caused, as that information is vital to making future vaccine introduction decisions.

You can read the full paper here – it’s open access, so anyone can view it free of charge.